Elder Law

Advance planning can help preserve assets as we require long-term care. Sprott Law Firm offers advance planning in Taylor, Callahan and Jones County.

Elder LawThanks to better health-care outcomes and other factors, our parents are living longer than ever; we can also expect a longer life-span than our parents or grandparents. However, along with this expectation comes unexpected challenges in our golden years including the greater potential for dementia and other debilitating conditions and the need for long-term care and how to pay for it and. It is advisable to plan for these possibilities while we still have the capacity for doing so, which may include:

  • Long term care planning – legal and financial requirements
  • Medicaid – advance planning as well as initial applications and appeals
  • Advance planning – estate planning, trust development for family members with special needs

Planning ahead is important; since Medicaid is a means-tested program, and without proper asset management early on, you may not qualify for these benefits. We are committed to reviewing your individual circumstances and helping you put an advance plan in place to ensure you are able to get the care you need while preserving your assets.

Residents of Abilene, TX who are retired or approaching retirement, those who have family members with special needs or anyone who feels they need help planning ahead both legally and financially should contact Sprott Law Firm, PC at 325-232-8584. We provide services in Taylor, Callahan and Jones County and our services are always customized to your specific needs.

Posted by: jorellana on October 10, 2016