Guardianship is a complicated legal process. In Abilene TX, the Sprott Law Firm PC helps residents of Taylor, Callahan and Jones County through this process.

GuardianshipTexas has a very stringent process for guardianship. Petitions may be filed for an adult who is incapacitated to allow a family member to care for their person or their finances or in some cases, for a child who has inherited money or requires special care due to a disability. While a petition must be submitted to the probate court, in most cases a parent of a child with a disability can request who should be appointed as guardian, and the court will generally approve such appointment.

Remember, as a disabled child reaches the age of majority, they may want to strike out on their own. In these instances, it is generally a good idea to have a court-appointed guardian if they are unable to manage their own financial or other affairs. While the court will grant the ward as much freedom as possible, the court will specify exactly what control the guardian may exercise over the ward.

We can assist parents who have children who are reaching the age of majority and have physical or developmental disabilities with the guardianship process. We also help adult children who have elderly parents who may no longer be able to care for themselves. Our services cover Taylor, Callahan and Jones County. Contact Sprott Law Firm, PC at 325-232-8584 for help.

Posted by: jorellana on October 10, 2016