Probate and Estate Administration

Taylor, Callahan or Jones County residents who need help administering an estate or with the probate process can contact Sprott Law Firm PC in Abilene Texas.

Probate and Estate AdministrationWhen you lose a loved one and need help probating an estate, there are some things you should be aware of in Texas. The most frequently used form of probate is independent administration. This is typically the least costly and fastest method of administration because the administrator or executor does not have to get permission from the court to liquidate assets and make distributions. If the will does not specify independent administration is allowed, the executor may have to get approval from all listed beneficiaries and ask the court to stipulate the administration will be independent.

There are two other options for probating an estate in Texas; dependent administration which involves reporting to the court regularly, getting permission from the court for distribution or liquidation of assets and requires the administrator to get a bond. This is the least used form of administration. The final option is muniment of title which may be used if the decedent had only debts associated with real estate and Medicaid has no claim against the estate.

The probate process is complicated and involves numerous steps, some of which must be accomplished in specific time frames. If you have been appointed executor of an estate or you need help with estate administration or probate in Taylor, Callahan or Jones County, contact Sprott Law Firm, PC at 325-232-8584.

Posted by: jorellana on October 10, 2016