Tax (IRS Collection)

Tax - IRS CollectionNever take IRS collection issues lightly because the consequences are serious. In Abilene, TX Sprott Law Firm individuals and businesses with tax problems.

When you have unfiled tax returns, or have run into tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service or Texas tax authorities, you need a skilled tax attorney to help you resolve these matters. The sooner you take care of these problems, the less likely you will be to face additional challenges such as wage garnishment, seizure of bank accounts and other punitive measures.

We help both small businesses and individuals reach an agreement to deal with tax issues including:

  • Offers in Compromise – Offers in Compromise – we can help you reach an agreement with the IRS that reduces the amount you owe. In general, these agreements require a one-time lump sum payment and installments of the remaining compromised amount. We help prepare the offer and the detailed financial disclosure statements, which is required before the IRS will consider the offer.
  • Installment Agreements – we can help you fill out and file IRS Form 9465, and the accompanying financial disclosure Form 433, to settle your past-due tax debt. This option will typically stop wage garnishments and property seizure proceedings by the IRS.
  • Penalty Abatement – when a taxpayer has reasonable cause for underpayments and/or inaccuracies in their return, we can help negotiate a waiver of penalties.

IRS collection methods are harsh; residents of Taylor, Jones, or Callahan County who are facing challenges with the IRS or Texas taxation authorities can call Sprott Law Firm, PC in Abilene, TX at 325-232-8584 for help managing tax collection issues.

Posted by: jorellana on October 10, 2016